Pre-Commercial Procurement

Price and quality of products that better
  fit public sector needs

Valuable feedback by earlier customers for
  companies developing solutions

Faster commercialisation of R&D results

PCP - New Way of Developing and Implementing Innovations

Pre-Commercial Procurement (henceforth: PCP) as defined by the EC Communication No. 799 of 14.12.2007 is an approach to procuring R&D services to solve a socio-economic problem or challenge of public interest for which there is no solution available on the market yet. So PCP is not concerned with the procurement of already existing products or services on the market but with the R&D phase, which involves a few steps - solution exploration, design, prototyping, up to the development of a limited volume of first line of products or services.

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SMART PCP Platform

SMART PCP platform is designed to support public institutions in running pre-commercial procurement in order to deliver highly innovative product/services to citizens. The platform supports the execution of several activities within steps of PCP process – idea generation and discussion about its feasibility, definition of general details about planned PCP call; definition of specific phase-related details; selection and invitation of suppliers; reception and evaluation of suppliers´ outputs; decision on supplier´s proceeding to next phase, etc.. The basic technology underlying the SMART PCP application is a cross-platform framework enabling different applications with heterogeneous purposes (from communication and problem solving, to e-procurement) to work together. The cross-platform framework is composed of three main elements, which are configured and animated during the “Phase Zero” of PCP:

  • Single user access point enabling access to all aplications and general functionalities
  • Module for Idea and Knowledge management
  • Module for Mutli-phase Pre-commercial Procurement Negotiations
  • A number of third-party applications (other relevant external applications)
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